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Google reveals home delivery drone program Project Wing
Dominic Rushe in New York,
Tech company explores the potential for self-flying aircraft but FAA regulations remain an obstacle to commercialisationGoogle has become the latest tech giant to get into the drone business.The company announced late on Thursday that its…

Google reveals home delivery drone program Project Wing
Dominic Rushe in New York,

Tech company explores the potential for self-flying aircraft but FAA regulations remain an obstacle to commercialisation

Google has become the latest tech giant to get into the drone business.

The company announced late on Thursday that its…

Flowers opening timelapse
David de los Santos Gil,

Flowers opening timelapse
David de los Santos Gil,


It pays to enjoy you wealth

When we are gone - There is still a lot of money not spent.
One tycoon in China passed away.

His widow, with $1.9 billion in the bank, remarried his chauffeur.
His chauffeur said, “All the while I thought I was working for my boss.

Now I realise that my boss was all the time working for me!!! “

Aam Admi turned 4 today!

Aam Admi turned 4 today!


Should we put MORE power in the hands of the MOST rich?

Check this out!

Should we put MORE power in the hands of the MOST rich?


WHY vote for AAP?

1 For 66 years we’ve tried the Congress and the BJP at the center and the state, with nothing but a worsening state of affairs as a result.

2 Both BJP & Congress have kept promising change and development. The result? Development of Cronies and own wealth.

3 If you want change, what alternative do you have? JDS? BJP? Congress? No, not one of them can bring about change, even if they wanted to! They’re beholden to crony capitalists and vested interests like the land mafia.

4 AAP is the platform on which concerned citizens from all walks of life have stepped up to do our work for us to bring change, fast. It is up to those of us who want change to give them a chance.

5 AAP is the only party that says “Give us your vote and we’ll give YOU the power.”It’s time to take back our country, state and city!

6 None of the BJP or Congress candidates can even be compared to AAP’s candidates - on any criteria that is relevant for ushering change. What else can we ask before giving them a chance?

7 AAP’s support is nation wide. How else could AAP get VOLUNTEER Candidates for 485 seats, with no party funds and being less than 2 years old?

8 Voting for the BJP or Congress is a wasted vote - since it will only perpetuate the old system of corrupt, inefficient and unresponsive governance.

9 Would you like to continue to stand with folded hands and a wad of cash outside the house of an MP begging him or her to do what should be her/his duty to do OR would you like the officialdom to come to the people and listen the peoples’ will? If you want THAT change, TINA to AAP.

10 If you want to cast a vote for real change, vote for AAP.


Crowdsourcing a constitution

Iceland a Direct Democracy

“Iceland crowdsources its next constitution” ~ AAP shows the away in India.


Planted Article: Perils of Direct Democracy

Crucial assumption: Aam Admi is so illiterate that they have no brains nor do they know anything about what’s needed in their mohallas.

Or that those elected don’t know how and what should be put to the public and what should be determined by EXPERTs and which are to be left to the bureaucracy.

Why not just have minimum requirements for people to be eligible to VOTE. Why adult franchise?

read this planted article contesting the workability of Direct Democracy:


Why AAP will have a great showing in Karnataka - 2014 -

Karnataka just (May 2013) ejected what was perceived as a very corrupt BJP Government in May 2013. The default “replacement” was the Congress, even though it’s GOI (Central Govt) was mired in all sorts of scams over the last few years.

Why? B’cause voters had no ALTERNATIVE, only a STEPNEY, to replace a punctured tyre.

Besides, Karnataka has been known to send a different party to the centre from it’s state government. It is a sophisticated voter. The voter understands the difference between state & central matters.

Now, with AAP deciding to contest the Parliamentary General Elections in 2014, possibly 14 if not all 28 seats from Karnataka, the voter WILL have an ALTERNATIVE.

The Delhi Elections have shown AAP is a Viable and Desirable ALTERNATIVE. Bangalore was one of the bigger cities in the campaign against corruption.

All this leads to ONE conclusion: AAP can win big in Karnataka.



AAP will have to fight the Babus too!

Providing 700 Ltrs free water.

Reducing Elec Bills by 50%.

These are going to hit the bureaucracy the hardest. Their ‘rojghar’ or daily incomes will evaporate if AAP even attempts to squeeze the system into shape.

You see, it is the Aam Admi of Delhi - the Babu - that’s at the very roots of the corrupt system. That’ll mean AAP will not only be resisted but sabotaged covertly by these very “Aam Admi” who’ll spread all sorts of malicious information that AAP will need an equal Guerilla Force to combat. The media won’t be so forthcoming either.

How to tackle it? Take the fight to the streets.

The REAL “Aam Admi” will have to be mobilised to come on the streets in front of these Babus’ homes and shame them. They’ll have to form “Locality Police" to thwart the water tankers on the roads… and so on. AAP can do it. Will it when it assumes power? Has AAP even thought of this? Planned it?

AAP’s time when the rubber hits the road is at hand.


The South Indian Vacuum will continue in 2014

The AAP is unlikely to look at South India for 2014 since it’s seen basically as a North Indian Party - making sense to attack the Hindi Heartland + Gujarat maybe.

That leaves the likes of Karnataka on the back burner. The so called like minded parties who claim the same space as AAP in Karnataka, Andhra and Maharashtra lack the dynamic leadership that AK provides to the AAP.

In fact, many in the intelligencia themselves are quite wary of these ‘New Age’ parties. Their fight to gain sufficient momentum has been drawn by it’s leadership on the slow and steady path.

That makes NOTA a serious option in 2014.


Why don’t you enter electoral politics?

Someone once asked me “Why don’t you enter electoral politics?”

The first rule of succeeding at anything is to know what you can do and equally importantly, what you CAN’T (or WON’T) do. One must be crystal clear about both aspects if what one takes up is to be satisfying.

The first rule in electoral politics is that you must be willing to say things people want to hear, even if you don’t personally believe in it. aka Lie.

An analyst, by definition, must be willing to see all data points, no matter how anemic it is to personal views.

All my life I’ve been an analyst of sorts - be it as a professional manager or as an entrepreneur. Both these roles ‘spot the gap’ and capitalise on it to build the sale or the organisation or the business.

However, since my retirement, I’ve been unfailingly attracted by current affairs and politics. But my core competency lies not in the electoral segment but in the administration of it - after all, I have a degree called Master of ADMINISTRATION.

Change has two aspects in politics - (a) electoral and (b) research + administration (Delivery).

Change does require that the change agent has to be able to sell it to get elected. But that “talent” for misleading people, only to later swing by towards the ‘change’, by “soft talking” bordering on lies is a necessary “talent” for electoral politics today.

Increasingly, people recognise this in politicians and are rejecting it. But they have little to choose from.

So far. Anna Hazare and possibly Aravind Kejriwal attracted the following they did in IAC is an indicator of this. Narendra Modi too seems to have captured this within the constraints of being in a National party. (You know what that means!)

However, with the right kind of “Think Tank" the (electoral) politician can lead others by yards.

However, an oxymoron as it may seem, the politician needs the talent to manage Talent!

Trouble is, most politicians think they know better than anybody else and will not risk the possibility that they are upstaged by the Talent. That’s the inherent paranoia that all politicians have.

It requires a special talent to manage Talent. A sure way to lose Talent is to compete with it when its on your side :)


How lame can it get?

We’re happy to get the BJP version at last, of what transpired since 2nd Sept on the issue.

However, why is it that upon repeated questioning by Media on TV Channels, not ONE of the BJP spokespersons, including Shri Arun Jaitley, declined to say that the BJP was not only against the Ordinance but would oppose the bill as well (in the Standing Committee as well as the two houses?

In light of this crucial communications failure, this explanation seems lame.

Make no mistake, I am staunch BJP supporter. But the only casualty is credibility! Not that the Government is believed; but it does seem an after thought to say now that the bill itself was opposed.


Maharaja of Mysore & Rolls Royce

From a fwd mail, a story of yester India:

The Maharaja of Mysore asked about the price of a Rolls Royce car
while on a visit to London.

He was snubbed by the sales staff who didn t know who he was.

On return to India, the Maharaja imported a Rolls Royce through government channels and used it for garbage collection in the Mysore palace garden!

The Times of London carried a front-page report with a striking photograph of the Rolls full of garbage.

Shocked, the Rolls Royce people pleaded with the Maharaja not to damage the prestige of their car.

They offered to buy his Rolls back at a higher price! Replied the Maharaja, “Rolls Royce is ideal for garbage collection.

In fact, I would like to buy two more from you, as my palace generates a lot of garbage.

The price is immaterial.

" It is said that ever since, any Indian who visits the Rolls Royce plant in London is treated like a Maharaja — the staff are scared he may turn out to be one!


The Majaras were dethroned by their own Indian brethren - The Indian National Congress.

The INC has since replaced Royalty with Political Dynasties and looted the country dry.